Get to know the Hot Dish Kitchen

I’d like to tell you we’re rebels and rulebreakers, out to push boundaries and redefine middle-age crazy. But the truth is, we’re a pair of geeks, together since high school who, despite having done almost everything we warn our kids against, are building a pretty solid life.

Now, with our kids off to college and our careers relatively stable, are experiencing real freedom for the first time.

The space once filled with hockey practice, art lessons and music recitals has opened into an opportunity to explore new hobbies and adventures. Central to this new freedom is the chance to get physically and emotionally healthier, get back in touch with nature and ensure we’re doing our part to nurture the networks that link strong communities.

Ultimately, it boils down to this: We just want to make cool stuff, eat good food, drink good wine and have fun. And because a lot of people ask, we’re using Hot Dish Kitchen to share recipes, how-to-guides, photos, stories and more.

Whether you’re amused, intrigued, inspired, or occasionally offended, we’re glad you’ve taken the time to stop by.

Who we are:

We met at a family wedding when Matt was 18 and Stacey was damn-near 15. Fuzzy Navels were involved, and somehow, something just clicked.  matt-and-stacey

So, we went to school, got married, had babies, and figured out the rest. Sometimes that meant learning 30 different ways to make ground beef, because we couldn’t afford anything else. Sometimes it meant date night was curling up on the couch to watch a movie while the kids were asleep upstairs. It meant scary decisions and big fights and bigger make-ups.

Somehow, it still turned out pretty great.

Today, we spend our free time raising chickens and bees, growing, cooking and sharing some really great food, exploring nearby food, wine and craft beer regions, and re-imagining our ½-acre property as an urban micro-farm, where we’re more consciously connected to our food, the products we use and our environment.


My mother says that from the time I could walk, sleeping took a backseat to doing. Today, people, food and words are the centre of my world. While I still don’t idle well, I excel at juggling – with a busy career, a passion for cooking great food, a tight-knit family and two almost-independent daughters who still, at least occasionally, need their mom.


Our family beekeeper, woodworker, chicken wrangler and home renovator. An engineer’s mind paired with a creative soul, willing to try and do new things. He’s my favourite sous-chef in the kitchen, even if he doesn’t take direction all that well.

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